Three Benefits of Including a Focal Wall in Your Design.

A Focal wall in a nutshell, is one wall painted a different pigment from the others, usually darker or bolder in color.
Why do Designers implement focal walls in Design, and when ?

focal wall (2)


As this photo shows the color apple green has been used in this Design of a little girl’s bedroom. It is a bold color, yet when applied to only one wall, it does not dominate or overwhelm the space. It adds a bit of cheer and is very easy to transition out of as she grows into a Design appropriate to her age.


focal wall (3)


Focal Walls can also balance out odd lines or shapes in a room such as this very angular ceiling line, the shorter wall has been painted with a soft white to soften the line between the ceiling and the window wall, and a deeper shade has been used to create a better balance as well as a touch of drama to this well lit space (avoid dark pigments for northern exposed spaces).

Focal Walls are also a great option for those who are apprehensive to use a dark or bold color. one wall vs four is usually a more comfortable choice !

Focal Walls, a great way to introduce color, drama, whimsy, create balance or camouflage in any rooms Design, have some fun and try it !


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