The First man I ever truly loved, my Father!

This is a great day, a day I celebrate our Fathers! I can no longer hug, kiss and sometimes squeeze this adorably wonderful man, I get to call Dad, truly, I can say that it only makes me sad sometimes, let me explain.

From my earliest memory he is in it! The real deal he is, the John Wayne kinda guy, big & strong but quiet & gentle, but if you asked for it, boy you would get it, and in spades, haha!                                    

young father

He was an excellent husband to my mother as some of you know quite ill right up until her passing at the age of 48. He taught me by his walk with her what to look for in a man.                                             

lucas father

He was the best friend to our son Lucas. Lucky us, in so many ways he is still here, as they share similar traits & looks, a young man (he would laugh at that, as he knows what I really call him, a baby man, rutro, I think I’m in trouble, again,haha) I so admire, much like my Dad, kind and not afraid of doing the right thing.

father plane

Lucas Jackson!!

  My favorite thing about my dad was he was fun, so much fun. We would have a good time just doing nothing at all, just being next to him was priceless. My Dad, Ken Hilwig Sr was the greatest car racer, he loved it with a passion and he was good at it! He also loved, his family, food (too much at times,haha), adventure, yes definitely adventure. He would always say, why would you have to leave the U.S. when everything you could ever hope to see is right here?! He would pack us all up and take us on camping excursions at least once a month and what a time we had. We would wake up ever Saturday and Sunday to the sounds of a whistling tune coming from the kitchen while he made us all breakfast.

recent father

The thing I value most is a saying he would often remind me of, Dawnie, remember, your actions will always speak louder than your words! I try my best to live this as what I think he was trying to say was, this will define your character and what is more valuable than that?!

b&w father

b&w father2



    Well I mentioned at the beginning of my story that I am sometimes sad, but not often. I can honestly say that when he was here he knew my love for him, boy did he ever. I made sure he new, I had to, he deserved it! So i’ll say it again just as I always did, because somehow he hears me.  Buddy, your it, the real deal, I’m crazy about you, what a great father you are!! Ok, now Iv’e made myself cry, but it’s true, let this man in your life know your feelings for them, whether he is your biological dad, someone else’s Dad or an Uncle etc… It only matters that they have a special place in your life. Tomorrow always comes, but only for some of us!!

Happy Fathers Day to ALL of you awesome fathers out there, every single one of you, especially you Kirby R Totty, your wife loves you!!  



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