7 Cheap Tips to a Gorgeous Kitchen

Are you like me, do you (or did you) have an ugly kitchen ?? Thank you for tuning in today because I want to help get you on your way to your own gorgeous kitchen.

Let there be (just the right) ” LIGHT “

How does light effect a rooms design ? Lighting can truly make or break any space, think of an intimate quite restaurant with bright garish lighting or a kitchen with dark shadows to cook by. Just the right amount of light in a room is of great value.

Why do we all Love “Before & After” ?!

Because before & afters are such “fun”, to go back to your old photos and say “wow” did my kitchen, living room or even an old broken down chair really look like that ?! The fun of before & afters, is of  course…

Landscaping, Can YOU Dig It ?!

Hey, Design Lover’s, I have to ask you an honest question,  are you one who focuses on the interior of your home while as we speak, your exterior’s appearance looks like it could be the sister of the Bates Motel, lol ?!